The National Taipei University of Nursing & Health Sciences (former name National Taipei College of Nursing) was established in 1954 and the library was founded at the same time. Taipei University of Nursing & Health Sciences (former name National Taipei College of Nursing) was established in 1954 and the library was founded at the same time.The University Library is located in the center of the campus. The space of library is approximately 5,421 square meters with 3 floors.

It features in-depth collections and materials to support teaching, learning and research activities of the University.The focus is on nursing, health management, human development and other related subjects. It holds about 270,000 texts(including audio visual materials), 40,000 paper and electronic journals and more than 300,000 ebooks and digital dissertations.

We also participate in various unions, such as Taiwan Academic E-book & Database Consortium and Digital Dissertation Consortium. Through this combination of partnerships and technological networks, the library resource number at least 600,000 works.


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Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                                                                                             

Below are the questions frequently asked by readers and completed with our responses. If yours is not found, feel free to Write To Us. 


Location & Hours


NTUNHS Main Library

No.365, Mingde Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Circulation Desk:(02)2822-7101 ext. 2610


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday, 08:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday, 09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Opening times are subject to change.



Borrowing/ Returning/ Renewing/ Recommending Books


A. Who can borrow books from NTUNHS library?

Students & faculty & staffs with valid NTUNHS ID card can borrow books from NTUNHS library.


B. How can I gain access to NTUNHS library if I am non-NTUNHS personnel?

Non-NTUNHS personnel can apply for the NTUNHS library card at a cost of yearly NT$ 500. For alumni NT$250. Non-NTUNHS personnel with a valid NTUNHS library card will be granted the rights to read books, periodicals and access the electronic database only in the library, but not the rights to borrow books and use multi-media resources. If you are not a regular visitor to NTUNHS library, you may apply for a temporary library card at no charge to use resources in the library.


C. How do I find books?

Visit NTUNHS library online catalog to search NTUNHS library holdings. The NTUNHS library catalog contains records of books, journals, multi-media resources and dissertations etc. If you want to look up online electronic journal articles, ebooks and other electronic resources, use E-Resources System instead.



D. 1. How long can I check out a book?

     2. How many books can I check out?














Part-time Faculty



Retired Faculty Staff


Not Granted



Not Granted



Not Granted



Not Granted


                        Overdue Fines :  NT$5 per item per day

For students, media resources must be used in the library.

To check the due date of any item checked out to you, you may view your library record online "My Account".

Special Collection refers to non-circulating materials, including Reference books, dissertation, periodicals and newspapers.



E. What is the User ID and Pin when I use "My Account"?

You can go to My Accountfrom library online catalog to renew, recall and check what books you've borrowed from library.For the first time users, User ID is student ID number and default password is CHANGEME. After logging in, users can set up password including a 4-6 digit numbers or letters on their own.


F. How do I recall a book that is checked out?

If you need a book that is checked out, you may request a recall be placed on the item. When the book is returned, NTUNHS library will notify you by email and hold the book for you for 3 days. Requests for recalls may be placed at the circulation desk, or you may directly request a recall from library online catalog.


G. How can I renew books?

You may renew books online, by telephone, or at circulation desk. When a book is renewed, its due date is 21 days from the day of the renewal. Each book may be renewed up to 2 times as long as the book has not been requested by other users or for Course Reserve. Overdue materials may not be renewed.

To avoid overdue items, be sure to renew it before the due date. Patrons are responsible for returning and renewing books on time, even if the online renewal system is unavailable.



H. How do I return books?

Materials must be returned to library on or before the due date, in order to avoid any charges from accruing. Books, except the Interlibrary loan books and CD-ROM, can be handed directly to the circulation assistants or placed in the book return bin. Interlibrary loan books must be handed directly to a library staff at circulation desk.

Patrons are responsible for returning your library books by the due date. Remember that books cannot be checked in if they don't come through the library circulation desk; books which are left in the library without being properly returned will remain on your record, becoming overdue, until they are returned properly.



I. The book that I just returned to the library, after how many days I can borrow it again.

You may check out the same book you just returned immediately as long as no-one else has booked it..


J. What happens if I bring my books back late?

If you return your books after the date they were due, you will be charged a fine. Fines are charged at the rate of NT$5 per item per day. Patron’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until the fines are paid off. Fines can only be paid at the library circulation desk.


K. What if I lost or damaged the book I borrowed?

Patrons may provide replacement copies to the library. The replacement copy must be the same title, ISBN number and edition. If the original book is out of print, the replacement must meet the following criteria:

1. same subject

2. new edition

3. library collection does not has the item yet

4. 5 times prices of the original book

Part of a whole or one installment of a series, when lost or damaged, can be compensated by either buying the lost or damaged part or, when that’s not possible, buying the whole set or series. Please Contact Us if you require further information regarding replacing the lost book.


L. Where can I find the newly acquired books and how do I borrow the new books?

Books that have been recently acquired may be displayed on a new book shelf on the 1st floor near the lobby on the 1st, 15th and 20th of every month.All books on display are available to NTUNHS students, faculties and staffs.


M. 1. Where can I find NTUNHS dissertations?

      2. How do I borrow it?

Dissertation is kept on the open shelves in the reference area on the 1st floor in the library. To find a dissertation on a particular topic, please use Library Online Catalog. You can simply enter your search term in the "title-keyword" option on the catalogue to do search. Dissertation is not allowed to be checked out.


N. How do I recommend book or other items for purchase by NTUNHS library?

The NTUNHS library welcomes acquisition recommendations from NTUNHS faculty, students, and staffs for books, periodicals, multi-media materials and electronic resources. Please visit Weblink, the online book recommendation system. First, search the Library Online Catalog to ensure that the material is not already part of the library collection. If the recommended material is already in the library collection, the library will not originally consider purchasing another copy.


O. What can I do if I can’t find the book I want on the shelf?

You can look for it on nearby shelves first. If you can’t still find it, please come to library circulation desk and leave us the book information and your contact information. We’ll contact you when the book has been found.


Finding Periodical Information


A. How do I find out if the library has a certain journal?

NTUNHS library subscribes to a large number of journals either in electronic or print format. You can search the Library Online Catalog for detail information. If you want to look up online electronic journal articles, ebooks and other electronic resources, use E-Resources System instead.


B. Where do I find periodicals in the library?

Both of current Chinese and English periodicals are located on the 2nd floor. Bound periodicals are located on the 3rd floor.


C. 1. Do library offer services to photocopy periodical articles for readers?

     2. How do I apply for Interlibrary loan service?

1. Yes. Nationwide Document Delivery System (NDDS) is available for NTUNHS students, faculty and staffs. Fees for services vary depending on the lending libraries.

    Users have to pay for borrowing charges from other institutions or libraries. Fees for services vary depending on the lending libraries.

2. Please log in  Nationwide Document Delivery System (NDDS) to make an application. It is necessary to register an account before using this system.


Accessing to Electronic Resources


A. Can I access the electronic database off campus? What is my username and password before I can get start using electronic databases?


Please login in ID and password. ID and password is the same as myNTUNHS system. Email us the screen grab of the website when you find difficulties with logining in E-Resources System.


B. How do I make a photocopy?

Library offers both color and black printing services. Users can use Easy card or copy card to make photocopies.

Your document will be sent to a photocopy room near the circulation desk where you can go to check, collect and pay for print-outs. Be aware that anyone downloading data from the public access PCs must respect current copyright regulations.


Computer Using & Copy / Printing Service


A. 1. How do I sign up to use the library computer?

     2. How long can I use a computer for?

Computer use is on a first-come, first-served basis. No advance reservations are accepted.

Before using the computer, users must log in ID and Password (same as myNTUNHS system). For visitors and non-NTUNHS personnel, please present personal valid ID card and contact the circulation assistant for further help. 

NTUNHS student, faculty and staff can use the library computer for up to 180 minutes each time. For visitors and non-NTUNHS personnel with library card, they can use computer for 60 minutes each time. For visitors and non-NTUNHS personnel without library card, they can use computer for 30 minutes each time.


B. 1. Can I use my laptop in the library?  Where can I plug in my laptop computer?

     2. Can my laptop access the library wireless network?

Patrons can use laptop in library. Some of seating areas in the library provide electric outlet. Please make sure you have a wireless card installed in your laptop. Username and password is the same that you log in myNTUNHS. If you still have problem accessing the wireless network, please contact the circulation desk for help.



C. 1. Where is the copier/ printer in the library?

     2. How do I pay for printing?

     3. Where can I buy a copy card? How much is it?

     4. What if I have problem with my copy card?

     5. What can I do if the paper jams and other problems occur in the copy machine?

There are two copy machines on the 1st floor. User can both use copy card and Easy Card.

Copy cards may be purchased at the Circulation Desk. NT$100 per card. There is no refilling service in library.

Please try it on other copiers to make sure if there's something wrong with your copy card. If it all fails, please contact the circulation assistant for help. Besides, you should always keep your copy card away from magnetic objects.


D. What are the rules should I know about using library computer?

Users should take note of the following Do’s & Don’ts when using the Library computers:

1.      Do not remove or change any settings and equipment from the computers;

2.      Do not download and play games on the computers;

3.      Do not download illegal software;

4.      Do not use the computers to engage in any malicious activities;

5.      When using the computer, please log in your ID and Password (same as myNTUNHS system)

6.      Be considerate when using the PCs and do not use them for too long if there are other students waiting to use them;

7.      Before opening files on the computers, make sure that it is not infected;

8.      Be aware to log out after finish using the computer.


Library Learning Spaces


The NTUNHS library provides learning spaces, including 2 group study room and 9 individual study carrels.


A. How do I book a group study room or study carrel?

Group study room can hold 5-8 people and is available for NTUNHS faculty, staffs and students. There are 9 individual study carrels in library: no.1-4 is open to all of NTUNHS students and faculties. Please bring student or faculty ID card with you for check if needed. Users are not required to get registration; no.5-9 is only for NTUNHS lecturers and postgraduates and is for one-day use. Users need to register in advance.


B. Is food and drink allowed in the library?

To protect the collection and maintain a clean building, no food and drink is allowed in the library.





A. How do I donate books to library?

To donate books, bring the books to us during regular library hours. Before we accept the donated books, we will check if the books meet our donation guideline. Materials that are incomplete sets of serials, out-of-date, and in poor condition etc. are not able to be accepted.


B. Newspaper

Library subscribes to United Daily News, United Evening News, Taipei Times, China Times, Economic Daily News, The Liberty Times, Commercial Times and Apple Daily in print format. Current and back issues are kept on the 1st floor; the back issues are retained for one month. Newspapers are allowed to be photocopied and can only be used in the library. After using it, please put it back. 


C. Can library buy the book I want from oversea country?

NTUNHS students and faculties are welcomed to recommend good books. Please go to Weblink library online book recommendation system to recommend books you need.